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Optimum Physical Therapy is a boutique style clinic that connects traditional physical therapy and sports performance. With experience treating athletes, including adolescent, collegiate, and recreational, Optimum Physical Therapy is able to provide a high level of individualized care to help you meet your treatment goals.

Our clinicians pride themselves on providing top notch care. By doing so, your rehabilitation is personalized and progressed appropriately in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. Each session is hands-on, comprehensive, and interactive. Evidence-based assessments and treatments are used and specific to your needs.

We look forward to you joining us at Optimum Physical Therapy and experiencing first class rehabilitation services.

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Here at Optimum Physical Therapy we utilize an individualized approach.

This approach focuses on the details. No two bodies are the same and they are not treated as such. When creating a treatment plan, the patients lifestyle and specific needs are taken into account. With lifestyle being taken into account, an optimal level of care is provided and subsequently favorable results are achieved. 

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Optimum Physical Therapy

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Optimum physical therapy The staff is excellent. I started my post therapy before surgery it was a struggle but the doctor pushed me To do more She also gave me great motivation as I was doing this my shoulder it was like A-bomb went off inside it had a total of 6 Tears. I've been there ever since my surgery was over with and was able to get back into physical therapy I will not go anywhere else if I ever need physical therapy again Is she is the one I will go back to. She's a great doctor I have progressed excellent. And the 1 on 1 physical therapy has been great so all in all excellent 5 stars she will get you taken care of even when you're at your Tired and feel like you can't go no more. A highly recommended optima physical therapy.

- Larry H.

My experience at Optimum Therapy has been excellent. I have had Dr O. As my therapist for post op total knee rehabilitation. She treats the whole and not just the physical. Her encouragement when I was discouraged helped me to be realistic in my expectations. She knows when to push and when to let up. I always feel much better at the end. Nicole is also very pleasant and very helpful.

- Celia R.

Hands down the best in north Georgia! Optimum Physical Therapy is very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of physical therapy. When I came to Optimum Physical Therapy I just had received labrum surgery for a severe tear in my shoulder. Dr. Uchenna And her team worked miracles and dropped my recover time by 2 1/2 months! She was very professional the entire time I was there. Along with walking me through every step which made things 10x easier. If your injured or need strength and conditioning Optimum Physical Therapy is the place to go. I can assure you won’t be dissatisfied.

- Joseph G.



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